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Johnny Drum is an NAS bourbon out of Kentucky. Its name honors the drummers of the Civil War who joined the war effort under the age of 18. We start off with a sweet nose of bubblegum and apples. Vanilla lingers underneath, but the sweetness intensifies on the second and third sniffs, building the anticipation to taste this golden, amber liquid. Personally, I like the tease, so I put the taste off for another three or four nosings. The fore is an oily coating that fills the mouth; hints of toffee on the teeth. The finish is long, with oak and light char notes giving way to more sweet bubblegum. This is an excellent everyday whiskey.

Old Weller Antique – Like its younger brother, the Special Reserve, we start off smelling honey but this  adds a hefty amount of burn and a slight hint of vanilla. Through the palate there is a touch of cinnamon and maybe some apple/apple pie. The finish is long and stays with you forever. Take your time with this one & it will reward you with a fantastically smooth whiskey that is a great addition to anyone’s collection… if you can find it!

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

Tonight’s dram comes to us from W.L. Weller. A hard to find gem priced on the lower end of the scale, pairs perfectly with a Montecristo. Honey on the nose with a touch of leather. Cinnamon and apple on the palate with a touch of Carmel. Strong burn throughout that stays with you to nuts and more honey. This is an absolute must try, if you can find it! 

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

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