Very Old Barton 6 Year Bottled in Bond

We don’t get the Very Old Barton out here in California, so I was sure to pick up a couple bottles when I travelled to Memphis. They have many different proofs, but this is the Bottled in Bond version at 100 proof and aged at 6 years. The price point on this whiskey is extremely affordable, so I was pleasantly surprised to find an enjoyable nose of corn, apple and spice. The nose is very bold and will yield even more flavors of cinnamon and oak if left to open up in the glass for a little while. The initial mouth feel is cool and there is apple on the tip of the tongue. At the back of the tongue there is more cinnamon. The finish is filled with caramel and more spice. There is a bit of tannic on the first few sips but that goes away by your third or fourth sip. The finish is moderate in length and there are some hints of vanilla at the very end. Honestly, for the price point this whiskey is hard to beat. I mean, I had to fly to Memphis to get it, but if this is available to you locally, this should be your daily drinker.

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

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