Stagg Jr. 132 proof

Stagg Jr. has been sitting on my shelf for a month, waiting to be tasted. The nose from afar is very sweet, with floral notes giving way to hints of vanilla and brown sugar. When you really dive in nose deep the high alcohol content clears up your nasal passages right quick. On the palate there is a thick, warm mouthfeel that gives off a lot of heat. Cherry cough syrup brings me back to the days of faking sick to get out of tests, and more brown sugar leaves me longing for some cookies. The finish is long, with campfire smoke mixed with wood and char. This whiskey really opens up with a drop of water, bombarding your nose and mouth with intense cherry. This is not a whiskey for the weak willed; however, it is an excellent dram, and if you can find it, buy two.

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

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