2015 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

It was my wife’s birthday, so what better night to crack open a bottle of Birthday Bourbon? Although this is unconfirmed, this is supposed to be the standard Old Forester mash bill – 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% barley. This took a while to open up in the glass and on first pour smelled very strongly of alcohol. After allowed to open up, the dram really shone. The nose had hints of campfire and roasting marshmallows. I am trying to avoid a cliché review, but man, did I smell birthday cake. There were also some hints of toffee and wood. On first mouthfeel, the whiskey is cool, filling your mouth with dark fruit and marzipan. If there was a bad part to the whiskey, it’s the finish, unless you’re into this sort of thing like I am: a strong bite, and an astringent flavor permeating the palate that quickly subsides to silky oak. This was such a good pour, I had to have a couple more. Too bad it’s only released once a year, ‘cause this bottle will be gone soon.

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

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