’15 & ’16 Michter’s 10 year Bourbon

As the 2016 versions start to trickle into stock in California, it’s always fun to compare the previous expressions. Tonight I matched up a 2015 vs. a 2016 Michter’s 10 year bourbon. I’ll start this off by saying it’s almost unfair to compare the two because the 2015 has been open and resting for almost a full year, however, I’m gonna do it anyways!
The nose was almost indistinguishable between the two. Both had hints of spring meadow freshness and an underlying nutty scent. Interestingly enough, the 2015 seemed to be a bit stronger on the nose.
It’s weird when I say this, but there is definitely a hint of soap on the fore of the 2015. Not in the bad way like when you said a bad word as a kid and your mom shoved a bar of Ivory in your mouth, but in the freshly brushed teeth sort of way. The 2016 is very different in the mouth, giving off much more heat (this could be due to the 2015 breathing for a year) and having much more herbal flavors with hints of grass on the finish.
Once you get past the nose, these two are very different bourbons. The ’16 is very in your face and doesn’t mess around while the prior year is much more subtle. If I had to pick a favorite, the ’15 wins. However, both are very good and absolutely worth trying.

*Originally written for Barrels & Drams

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